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Benefits for Designers on Patternfield
Benefits for Designers on Patternfield

This article outlines all the benefits that a designer can have when subscribing to Patternfield

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Benefits are:

  • Ability to create your professional profile page that Patternfield offers. (Learn more)

  • Have your own QR code that leads to your profile page. (Learn more)

  • Easy to upload and hide designs, input their details, mockups and supporting images to each design, which are presented beautifully. (Learn more)

  • Easy to upload and hide collections (Learn more).

  • Buyers can connect with you on by sending direct messages. New messages will be delivered in your inbox.

  • Buyers can find your Patternfield portfolio and your designs, add your designs to their favorite.

  • Buyers can follow you AND opt to receive alerts to their email box when you update new work.

  • Ability to receive weekly/ daily notifications when there are new activities on the platform. (Learn more)

  • Ability to sell and license your work to our buyers. (Learn more)

  • Will be updated about upcoming online trade shows where you have opportunities to promote and sell your designs to well-known buyers.

  • Will be updated about upcoming online sessions hosted by the founder, which you can register to attend with exclusive discounts.

  • Can participate in buyer's briefs, which give you opportunities to showcase your work and to sell your art faster. (Coming soon)

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