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How to publish my designs on Patternfield?

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On the header (burger menu if you are using phone), click "Publish design". You will be brought to the create design page.

Firstly, put the design name and description of the design. You can freely name and describe your design, as long as they are related to your design. Then, click the button down below to move to the next step.

Note: You can freely name your designs. However, to make it consistent and easy for the buyers to look for them, we suggest that the name should include the main color, theme and patterns of the design (i.e "Christmas Candy Pop", "Multicolor Flowers", "Golden Leaves on White").

At the "Design Information" section, select all required filed. After putting all information about the design, Click "Next" to continue.

Read here to understand the differences among each license type.

Next, choose all colors and color class related to your designs.

At the "Marketing" section, you can put as many keywords as you want. Make sure to separate each of them by commas. You can decide to or not to let Patternfield use this design for marketing (Read here to know what each option means in this field). Then, click "Next" to upload the design image.

Lastly, post your design photo. Your image information should be:

  • Recommended dimensions: 2400px x 2400px

  • Format: .JPG, .GIF or .PNG

  • Maximum memory size: 20MB

Once you finish, click "Publish listing" to complete.

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