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A-Z tips for building your profile page
A-Z tips for building your profile page

Here are some tips to make your profile page look better

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In this article, we would like to give you tips (what to or not to do) to help you build an attractive profile page.

Now, let's have a look at how your profile page is displayed:

This is what you and others can see first when they go to your profile page, including the banner, profile picture, your bio and a number of your followers.

Scrolling down, you can see all logos to go to your social sites, followed by your style snapshot and clients & products.

Below that, you can see 8 of your latest design. You can click "View all" at the top right to go to your listing page.

The collections appear at the bottom of your profile page. You also can click "View all" to look at all of your design collections.

So, what to pay attention to when creating your profile page?

On "profile settings" page, you can see a few tips mentioned at each section to help you proceed faster.

For example, the tip below suggests you to pick a profile image that your face is recognizable. Your image information should be:

  • Suggested image size: 1000px x 1000px - This is just a recommendation. You can post a picture having a bigger size if you want your face to look more clearly.

  • Format: .JPG, .GIF, .PNG - The platform only supports these 3 file formats.

  • Maximum memory size: 20 MB - You cannot upload a photo that is heavier than 20 MB.

Next is posting a banner for your landing page.

The dimensions being shown on your landing page is 1200px x 200px. Make sure to post a picture having the same or bigger size so you can view it clearly on your landing page. The format is also .JPG, .GIF or .PNG and it must be no more than 20 MB.

Next is your profile name and profile bio. You can add a short sentence about your design specialty at the profile headline (i.e Illustrator, Graphic designer). Then, you can introduce yourself at the bio box down below (where you are from, your hobbies, your business career, activities you have participated,...)

And this is the interesting part, you can edit your profile page URL. Under the first and last name field, you can see a field called "Profile name". You can customize the link to your profile page. Once you save this change, you can check the address bar if your profile name are showing correctly. You can edit this field and save it again.

Note: This field only allows letters, numbers and dashes. It should not contain any special characters, symbols or spaces.

Now, you can insert links to your website and other social media so that buyers and other designers can contact you more easily. Once you input social media links to these fields, contact buttons will appear on your profile page, and users can click on those buttons to go to your profile on social media.

Note: Make sure to add correct links to those fields below accordingly. Buyers prefer contacting you through contact buttons to emailing you. The image below demonstrates how contact buttons appears on your profile page.

Let's move to style snapshot photos. You can choose images that best represent your work. It can be a mixture of art, mockups and client artwork.

The image information should be:

  • Suggested dimensions: 1000px x 1000px - your image should not be smaller than the suggestion so the buyers can view the pattern clearly .

  • Format: .JPG, .GIF, .PNG

  • Maximum memory size: 20 MB

Lastly, let's post some of your products and close clients.

The image information of this section is the same. It should be:

  • Suggested dimensions: 1000px x 1000px - your image should not be smaller than the suggestion so the buyers can view the pattern clearly .

  • Format: .JPG, .GIF, .PNG

  • Maximum memory size: 20 MB

Remember to add the link to your website next to the image to publish it successfully as this field is required. Buyers can click on the image to go to your website.

How do I name my designs so that buyers can look for them easily?

You can freely name your designs. However, to make it consistent and easy for the buyers to look for them, we suggest that the name should include the main color, theme and patterns of the design (i.e "Christmas Candy Pop", "Multicolor Flowers", "Golden Leaves on White").

Click here for more information about uploading listings.

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