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QR code for designers' profile page
QR code for designers' profile page

Download the QR code for a designer, including your own, and share it with users. They can scan it and access the designer's profile page.

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Each designer's profile page has a QR code below the "Contact" and "Follow" button. Other users can access profile of a designer on Patternfield more easily with this code.

When you click on the QR code, a pop-up will appear displaying the QR code for that designer. You can then download the image and share it with others. By scanning the QR code, they will be able to view the designer's profile on Patternfield.

With this code, others can now view a specific designer's profile without searching for their name on Patternfield.

Note: The QR code is created based on your profile name. The code changes when you edit your profile name. Remember to download the new QR code image after you change the profile name.

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