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How to create a design collection?
How to create a design collection?

I have so many designs on my listings and I want to put them in proper collections. How can I create collections?

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You can create countless of design collections. Adding designs into collections is simple, you can search for names select them from the list.

To create a collection, select publish collection on the header or the burger menu (if you use mobile phone).

Once you click the button, you will be linked to a new page to create a new collection. You can put the name, the description and the cover image of the collection.

The cover image size should be:

Recommended dimension: 1600px x 584px (you can upload a lager photo if you want it to look more clearly)

Format: .JPG, .GIF or .PNG

Maximum memory size: 5 MB

Please note that you must input all fields to move to the next section. Once you finish, click "Next" to add your designs.

Click on the square to add your designs to the collection.

Note: You only can add your designs that have already been published on the site. Therefore, you must upload your listings then move them to a collection that you want (You can add one design to multiple collections).

You can look for your designs by typing the design name at the search bar, or select them from the list below. You can add up to 30 designs to one collection. Once you finish adding your designs, click "Add to collection" to continue.

You can have a look again if you are satisfied with the designs added to your collection. Click the "Publish" button to publish your collection.

This is how your collection will look like:

Once you click on a collection, the hero image will be shown as a banner at the top of the page. You can edit the collection by clicking on the pen icon at the right.

Scroll down to see the title, description and designs in the collection.

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