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View and join a brief

This article explains how designers can see all buyer's briefs on the platform and step by step of how to submit your designs to them.

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Each brief includes all details and requirements of designs that the buyer is looking for. By Joining and submitting designs that match all requirements of the briefs, you will give your designs a higher chance to be chosen. Joining these opportunities is a must!

To start seeing all opportunities on the platform, you can click the "Try it now" button at the home page or click "Opportunities" at the dropdown menu.

At the All opportunities section, you can view all briefs that are currently open, will be closed soon, closed and finished. You still can access the Overview and Q&A tab of the briefs that are closed and finished.

The Submissions Tab shows all briefs that you responded. You can filter the briefs you participated that will be closed or closed.

The Past submissions sections displays the briefs you joined that are finished, meaning the buyer selected or declined the submitted designs. You can tick the check box above to show only the briefs that have your selected designs.

At the All opportunities, click on a brief that you are interested. If your designs meet the requirements of that brief, you can click the response button to start submitting the designs. You also can send questions to the brief owner at the Q&A section.

At the Submission section, click "Submit design" to add your designs to the brief.

You can either choose designs that currently are published on the platform or upload a new design to the brief. If you choose to upload a new design, after you click the publish button, the new design will automatically be submitted to the brief.

If you upload designs from your portfolio, choose designs that you want to submit to the brief, then click the publish button to finish submitting.

Please note that the designs are currently under offer cannot be added to the briefs. For more details, check our article about your offers made in the inbox.

You can submit more designs, delete designs or withdraw from the brief.

After the brief is closed, the buyer will start selecting the submitted designs. If your designs are chosen, you will receive a pop-up when you go to that brief. Click "Go to transactions" or click the Transactions section next to the Submissions section to check the status of your selected designs. Buyers can make offers for your selected designs.

If all of your designs were declined, you will see a note on the page, and your declined designs will be at the bottom of the page.

Now, you can move to the Transactions section to check the status of your selected designs. You can go to all of your transactions in your inbox page by clicking "View all transactions". These transactions will be located in "My sales", which includes the offers that buyers made for your designs on the website, not just only the selected designs in the briefs.

Click the design to view its transaction detail page. You will be notified via email when the buyer finished purchasing your design.

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