Q&A section and how it works

This article explains how the Q&A section in a brief works

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If there is any information about a brief that is unclear, and you want to raise your question to the brief owner, Q&A is a perfect place for you to do this.

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Firstly, go to the brief that you are interested, then check the Overview. You may see some other questions from other designers in this section, you can read the answers to know more. If there is no answer that you are looking for, you can send your question by clicking the "Ask a question" button. Then, a pop-up shows up, asking you to write your question. Make sure that your question is clear so that the buyer can understand and give you the most accurate answer. After the buyer answers your question, it can be published on this brief, and other designers will be able to see it.

Once you click "Send", your question will be sent to the brief owner. You can ask more questions about the brief, and the buyer will check and answer to each of them.

When your question is answered, there will be a red dot above the Q&A. You can click the dropdown button to read the answer. And if the buyer published your question, it will be displayed at the section above.

If the buyer decided not to publish your question, it will be displayed below. Other designers won't see your question at the Q&A if it was unpublished.

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