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This article explain how buyers can create a brief that are used to choose designs that they look for.

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If you think that browsing and finding the designs that you look for in our library is time-consuming, this new feature is the best solution for you!

Now, buyers can create a brief that includes all information and requirements of the designs that they would like to buy on Patternfield. To start briefing, click the "Try it now" button on the home page or "Brief your pattern" at the header of the page.

This the brief details, where you put the request type (buyout or license), the brief name, the description and the date when this brief will be closed. You can type the date, or use the calendar at the right to choose it.

Note: The closing date must be at least 14 days after the brief is created.

The brief requirements tab includes the field to input the requirements that a design must have, the price that you will buy for one design, the number of designs you would like to collect, the reference link and image. You can add multiple links (press the return button before adding a new link) and images in a brief. The images must match the requirements in the box.

Please note that once a brief is published, the owner cannot edit it. Make sure to check the brief details carefully before publishing it.

After publishing the brief, you can see the overview of the brief.

The briefs that you haven't published are located at "Draft briefs". You can click on the title to finish creating it.

The Q&A section is where you will receive questions sent from designers. Additionally, you have the option to add your own questions and answers to the Q&A section.

Click on the Submissions section and you can view submitted designs by designers who are participating in your brief.

The Transactions section is where you see the designs that were selected and its status.

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