Q&A section and how it works

This article explains how to manage the Q&A section in each of your briefs

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Click "Design briefs" at the dropdown menu to access your briefs.

Go to a brief that you want to check, then click the Q&A tab. This is how the page looks when there is no questions.

You can add a question to your brief and provide the answer.

After you save the question, you can choose to publish or not to publish the question. You also can edit the question and answer after saving it. The designers can see the published questions and their answers in the briefs.

When there is a new question sent to a brief, you will se the red dot at the above of the Q&A.

New questions sent from the designers will be displayed at the bottom. You can click "Answer" at the right of the question to reply.

You can edit the designer's question if you want to make it more clear. After you finish, the designer's question will be moved to the section above. You also can publish or unpublish it. With the unpublished question, the designer who sent the question is the only person who can see it and your answer.

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