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Select designs submitted in your briefs
Select designs submitted in your briefs

This article will guide you how to select or decline submitted designs and start making purchases

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After your brief is closed, you can choose submitted designs that match your requirements and start to purchase them.

Firstly, click the "Design briefs" button, then go to your closed brief section and click on a brief that you want to check.

The closed briefs will have a blue note saying "This brief has closed. Please select your favorite designs among the submissions." Click the Submission tab to see all submitted designs.

At the submission section, you can see the designs that are submitted, the designers' names and the dates when they submitted their work.

If you want to decline the designs submitted from a designer, simply click "Decline" at the right. After clicking "Decline", a pop-up appears, asking you to confirm this action. Note: When you click "Decline", all of the submissions of that designers will also be declined.

Declined designers are displayed at the bottom of the page and is greyed out. You can undo the action and select designs again.

If you would like to choose some of the designs, click the check box above the design, then confirm your selection.

If you are not satisfied with any of the submitted designs, you just click the "confirm selected designs" button, then confirm your action again.

This is how the submissions page looks when you finished selecting your designs. The declined designs will be displayed at the bottom and greyed out.

Note: 14 days after the brief is closed, if you do not take any action (confirm your selection), the brief will be automatically finished. Then, there will no designs that are selected in this brief.

Now, you can go to the next section called "Transactions" to finish the payment. Designers who have their designs selected will be notified.

You can go to all of your transactions in your inbox page by clicking "View all transactions". These transactions will be located in "My purchases", which includes the offers you made for the designs on the website, not just only the submitted designs in your briefs.

Click the design and start purchasing it.

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