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How to publish designs to an online show
How to publish designs to an online show

This article explains how attendees can publish their designs on a digital trade show

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New update: To sell and license your designs, go to "Payout details" on your account settings page, then choose "Yes" at the "Sell my designs on Patternfield" filed.

Please fill in all the required fields. Designers must have a Wise account to receive the money. Please create a Wise account if you don't have one.

Once you have completed filling in the required information, click on the "Save" button. Then, buyers can make offers for your designs.

Firstly, click "All Trade Shows" on the header to find the trade show you are attending.

You can see all current, upcoming trade shows and the ones that happened in the past. Click on the trade show you would like to upload your designs.

Note: Only attendees of a particular trade show have the ability to publish their designs to that show. Attendees can upload listings to the current trade shows ONLY.

The image below demonstrates the details of an online trade show. Click the "Publish design" button to upload your designs. If you would like to see your published designs in the trade show only, turn on "My designs only".

Note: You can remove and upload more designs to the platform when it is opening. Once the trade show ends, you are no longer able to remove or publish any designs.

After clicking the publish button, a pop-up appears asking you to upload a design that has been published on Patternfield or to upload a completely new one.

The process of uploading a new design to the show is the same as publishing a listing on Patternfield (Click HERE to read the guideline.)

If you would like to upload a design that is currently available on the platform, click "Choose from your portfolio".

After clicking "Choose from your portfolio", a pop-up appears allowing you to pick designs and publish them.

Note: Designs that are allowed to be published must have one of the following transaction types:

  • Buyout

  • License

  • Buyout or License

If you would like to see valid designs only, switch on "Show valid designs". After choosing your designs, click the "Publish to Trade Show" button to upload them.

Your chosen designs will appear here. To remove a design from the show, just click the cross button at the top right of it.

When going to your design, you will see all information about it, including:

  • The overview + your profile

  • The listing details

  • Product reviews from buyers

When a buyer makes an offer for your design, you will receive a notification email to your email address. You can go to your Inbox -> My sales to check the details of each offer. You can read other articles down below for more information:

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