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What is the Design Information? Do I have to fill that out?

For our search data to be successful we require you to fill out all sections of the design information. If you have created artwork that doesn’t fit in any of these categories (eg: a repeat pattern) then you can just select “Not specific”

Is it possible for me to edit my published designs?

Yes you can. There are 2 ways to find the edit button: on the design view page and inside your manage design page (your listing page is hidden in the avatar/ burger menu)

Where can I find all of my designs on Patternfield?

To find all of your designs, click on your avatar (desktop)/burger menu (mobile)> your listings.

Who can see my designs? Are they available to the public?

Only vetted buyers will be able to see your designs. The public will only be able to see designer landing (profile) pages which have your information. If a buyer searches for something they will be shown results that fits the description – however the images are covered with disguised prompting a buyer to sign up to view the images properly.

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