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FAQs for the new subscription packages
FAQs for the new subscription packages
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Q. Does Patternfield offers free trial for new users before they subscribe to a new subscription plan?

A. For users subscribing for the first time, after subscribing successfully, they will have 14 days to experience the services. During this period, if the designers do not want to continue, they can click the unsubscribe button, and they will not be charged for the subscription. After 14 days, if they do not unsubscribe, they will be charged for the chosen subscription package, and they will not receive the refund even though they unsubscribed.

Q. Will there be a curation process for designers on the platform, and if so, how will it work?

A. We are guiding designers to showcase their top-tier artwork. We'll provide a comprehensive art framework that educates designers on distinguishing between blender, coordinate prints, and hero prints. The goal of curation is to empower each designer to refine their own portfolio, highlighting their exceptional pieces while minimizing the emphasis on blender and coordinate prints. This is something buyers have provided feedback on, so we really want to make sure your incredible art is easily accessible to them.

Q. Can you provide more details about the 40% commission, does this commission cover both licensing and buyout, and how is it invoiced, paid, and recouped?

A. The 40% commission rate is in line with typical agent fees. This commission covers both licensing and buyout transactions. Whenever a design is licensed or bought out, the commission will be deducted from the total amount, and the remaining 60% will be paid to the designer. Invoicing and payment processes will be streamlined to ensure clarity and ease for designers. We will not take fees from royalty payments, we suggest for more detailed transactions you talk with the buyer off our platform and negotiate them via email.

Q. The Buyer Briefs are very specific and don’t align with my existing designs, do I have to participate in them?

A. While we understand that some Buyer Briefs may seem very specific, our goal is to provide a diverse range of themes and topics to cater to the varied interests and strengths of our designer community. Designers have the choice to participate in these Buyer Briefs. For some artists, it's an opportunity to experiment, try something different, or create new artwork that can be a valuable addition to their portfolio. We recognize that not every brief will align with existing work, but for those that do, it's a chance to increase visibility and potential sales. We value the hard work and creativity of our designers and aim to create a platform that offers both flexibility and opportunity.

Q. Am I able to modify my subscription plan whenever I want?

A. Yes, you can adjust your subscription plan at any time. If you make a change before a buyer payment is processed, your plan will immediately switch to the newly selected subscription.

Q. How does marketing and promotion work on Patternfield?

A. At Patternfield, our marketing on social media is anchored in upholding a high standard of quality. We assess artwork based on several factors: is it on-trend? Does it employ trending color palettes? Does it exhibit a level of excellence and uniqueness? While we like to ensure these standards are met, we don't favor particular designers over others. Every designer, whether established or new, has an equal opportunity based on the value and quality of their work. It's the intrinsic merit of your artwork, its relevance to current trends, and its overall greatness that guides its promotion, not how well-known you are to us.

Q. What is included in the "Premium Content" on the platform?

A. "Premium Content" is exclusive to subscribers and includes webinars, designer resources eg; templates and mockups, interviews with both buyers, designers and industry professionals. You’ll also get access to our exclusive trend forecasts.

This content aims to offer valuable insights and tools to our community.

Q. What steps can I take to increase my visibility and promotion on Patternfield?

A. Focus on creating artwork that aligns with current trends, consistently update your portfolio, refine your skills, and consider taking courses to enhance your art quality. While we feature various artworks on social media, we also present designs to buyers behind the scenes every week. Therefore, even if your artwork isn't displayed on our public channels, it might be introduced to potential buyers. Your subscription plan doesn't affect this; all designers receive equal promotional opportunities. By actively participating in Patternfield's webinars, trend forecasts, and courses, designers can significantly enhance their artistry, thereby increasing their chances of being spotlighted in our promotional campaigns.

Q. What is the peer Networking Channel?

A. Coming soon. This will be a community networking space for artists to come together and share ideas, skills and artwork. This will be offered with our Creative Career Essentials Courses – more details to come.

Q. How are designs shared for the online trade shows?

A. The designs from the online trade shows will be presented to specific buyers based on their category interests. However, buyers will also have the flexibility to explore Patternfield and view designs from other categories, allowing them to buy or license as they see fit. To increase visibility, you can tag your artwork with keywords relevant to multiple categories, enhancing its discoverability across the platform.

Q. If I take on the lower level subscription with a commission and then I achieve a few sales or interested buyers, and decide to change to the professional level subscription without commission, can you advise what would happen to any licensing arrangements made during the initial period?

A. The commission of the transactions that has been done before you change to a new subscription will still be charged. If you have a transaction that is still processing when you changed to a higher subscription plan, you will not be charged the commission for that one.

Q. License only applies for users choosing monthly/ annually Professional plans, correct?

A. That is correct. If designers selected Classic plans, they only can sell their designs outright. They do not have the option to license their designs. Buyers can only make offers to buy their designs.

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