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License - The process of making an offer for a design
License - The process of making an offer for a design

This article guides you step by step of how to make an offer and finish the payment for licensing a design

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The flow of making an offer for a license design is:

  1. Buyer makes a licensing offer and provides all details at the pop-up.

  2. Designer can accept, decline or make another licensing offer. If the designer declines, the buyer will not be able to continue it. If the designers make a counter offer, the buyer can also choose to accept, decline or make a counter offer (Note: The buyer will have 14 days to respond to the new offer before it expires).

  3. When both parties agree with the offer, a transaction terms sheet will be delivered to both parties via email. The designer and buyer can use this terms sheet to finalize the license agreement outside.

  4. 60 days after the transaction terms sheets were sent, both parties confirm if the contract was signed or it is still in progress. If they need more time to finalize the contact, they can click "Not yet" to have 60 more days, and if there is no action from any of them, the transaction will be marked autocomplete. Once both parties confirm that it was signed, "one license sold" will appear at the number of sold licenses tag. If the designer can choose "Fell through" on the transaction details page if the contract wasn't signed successfully outside.

  5. After the transaction is done, the designer and the buyer can leave a review on the transaction details page.

After each action completed by the designer, you will receive a notification email at your registered email address. We kindly advise checking your mailbox regularly to stay informed and ensure you don't miss any deadlines.


Go to a design that you are interested, then click "Make an offer" to start making an offer.

Note: The "Make an offer" button is available only when the designer allows us to sell their designs on the platform. Even though the designer doesn't sell their art on the platform, you still can contact them for more details about the design. You and designers will negotiate to finalize the price, and Patternfield does not involve in this process.

You can see all details about the design below the image (overview, details and reviews from other buyers). You can contact the artists for more information about the design by clicking the contact button. You can make an offer if you are interested in this design.

After clicking the "Make an offer" button, a pop-up appears with all details of your offer, including:

  • If you choose to use your company's license terms

  • A field to add the link to your company's terms (mandatory)

  • License fees to choose:

    • Flat fee: The buyer would pay a fixed amount for the design. The buyer and designer negotiate to finalize the flat fee.

    • Royalty with Upfront Advance: The buyer pays an upfront advance to the designer for their work, which is typically a percentage of the estimated total royalty or sales that the design is expected to generate. The percentage of the royalty may vary depending on the agreement between the buyer and designer.

    • Royalty no Upfront Advance: The artist will receive a percentage of the sales or royalties generated from the use or sale of the design. The percentage of the royalty may vary depending on the agreement between the buyer and designer

  • The fee you would like to spend on this design based on the license type you choose.

If the buyer does not use their company's license terms, a transaction terms sheet made by Patternfield shows up, asking them to fill in. This is our non-binding terms sheet, which establishes a mutual understanding for your licensing agreement. Please note that these terms do not constitute legal advice and we strongly advise that you engage a qualified lawyer to prepare and finalize your license agreement.

Click here to read our transaction terms sheet (Note: This terms sheet does not apply for buyout designs).

The offer will be in your inbox page after sending the offer. You only need to wait for the response from the designer. You can see the current status of the offer. You can send a direct message at the same time.

In case that the provider declines your offer right away, you are no longer be able to continue this offer. You will make a new offer for it, or send a message to the provider for more details.

If the designer would like to offer a different price or change the license terms from the one that you offered, this is how the transaction details page looks like. You can click "View changes" to read what the designer offered.

You can decline the new offer, or make a counter offer. If you want to make another offer, a pop-up shows up, asking you to input a new price or edit the license offers.

Note: You will have 14 days to respond to the new offer before it expires.

If you accept the offer, the terms sheets for the transaction will be sent to you and the designer. You and the designer use this to finalize the license agreement outside. You can click "Contract Signed" when you have your contract done.

Note: You and the designer will have 60 days to complete the transaction after the terms sheets are sent to both parties. After 60 days, if there is no action from anyone, a reminder will be to your email address, asking if you finished signing the contract with the designer or you need more time. If there is no response from you or the designer 15 days after the reminder was sent, the transaction will be marked autocomplete.

Once you click the button, a request will be sent to the designer, asking for their action.

They can confirm that the contract was signed, they need more time to finish it, or this contract has fallen through. If the designer marks "Fell through", the transaction will be automatically cancelled. If they choose "Not yet", the transaction will be extended 60 more days.

If the designer requests you to complete the transaction (meaning that they clicked "Contact Signed" before you), you will see two buttons, "Not Yet" and "Contract Signed". If you choose "Not Yet", the transaction will be extended 60 more days.

If you confirm that the contract was signed, the transaction is finished. You also can leave a review for the provider and the product.

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