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Buyer - Check the offers you made for designs in your inbox
Buyer - Check the offers you made for designs in your inbox
This article explains how buyers can check the offers they made for designs
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To check the offers you made for designs, you can go to your inbox page go to the "My purchases" field.

You will see the newest offers at the top of the list, including the time and status at the right.

Note: You can filter the offers by choosing a state above.

Read this article for more details about each state.

Click on an offer to view the details. This is an example of how an offer for a buyout design looks like. You can accept, make another offer or decline the offer. If you don't agree with the new offer made by the designer, you can make a different offer by clicking "Make another offer".

When clicking "Make another offer", a pop-up appears asking you to input a new price. Click the button down below to send a new offer to the buyer.

The offer will be in your inbox page after sending the offer. You only need to wait for the response from the designer. You can see the current status of the offer. You can send a direct message at the same time.

Note: When a counter offer is made, the other person will have 14 days to response. After 14 days, if there is no activity, the counter offer will expire.

If your offer is declined, you can no longer make any offer to that particular design.

If your offer is accepted, you will see the "Offer accepted" status.

The process to complete the payment after the offer is accepted

Licensed designs

With the licensed design, the transaction is proceed between the buyer and designer, and Patternfield doesn't involve in this process. When an offer is accepted, we will send a licensing agreement terms to both parties so they can work together. 60 days after the terms are sent, a reminder will be sent to both sides asking is the transaction is complete.

Within 60 days, if there is no response from any party, the offer will be marked as "Auto complete" after 14 days. If one party claims that the transaction is complete while there is no reply from the other party, the offer will also be marked as "Auto complete" after 14 days.

If the other party requests more time, the time will be extended and a new reminder will be sent in 60 more days.

If the transaction is complete, the designer can go to Patternfield and request to complete the transaction.

If one parties doesn't want to continue the payment, they can go to Patternfield and request to end this transaction. After this, if there is no update from one of the parties, the transaction will be marked as "Fell through".

Buyout designs

When an offer is accepted, you will have 14 days to complete the payment. After 14 days, if they you don't take any action, the offer will expire.

Click "Buy now" to complete the payment and receive the pattern. Please contact the designer about the file type you would like to receive before completing the payment.

After checking your card details, click the button down below to confirm the payment.

You can download the tax receipt of the payment. You also can cancel this order, and you will receive the refund after 14 days.

Once the payment is confirmed, the designer will have 7 days to deliver the file. If the designer does not deliver the file within 7 days, this order will automatically be canceled. You will receive the refund 14 days after the order is canceled.

After the designer sends the file, the purchase will be marked "Delivered". Then, you can download the file.

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