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Q&A related to Surtex materials
Q&A related to Surtex materials
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  1. Could you confirm the file format for the A2 boards?

    High Resolution: 300 dpi, Tiff will preserve colour best

    If the file is larger than 20 MB, then PDF is best

  2. My prints are above 100 MB. I do not want to compress the files as it will reduce the quality of my prints. What should I do?

    It is not an issue if the prints are above 100 MB. We want artists to be mindful. That's totally okay to have the prints above 100 MB.

  3. Do you have any preferred naming convention for the files to distinguish designers and whether these are in Atelier or Booth?

    Each file needs to include the full name of the artist and the design name - use Hyphen between. If you have variations of colour, you can add the colour too - Also reference to their booth that the print is designed for using:

    AT - Atelier

    LIC- Licensing

    eg: Nerida-Hansen-TropicalBird-Blue

  4. Do the postcards need a clip margin?

    Postcards don't need a clip margin. A2 board does need one.

    Designers do not need to provide a bleed margin or "design" a clip margin. The margin is just to make sure that there are no design features in the border edges that if lost, will take away from the integrity of the design.

  5. For collections, do you want an individual print of each design along with a full collection print?

    It is up to the designer how they want to present their collections - We would advise that they use large printed spaces only for hero prints - blenders or coordinates can be shown at the bottom of a print.

  6. Can simpler blender prints be included in the Atelier printouts?

    We would not advise it. Most buyers in Atelier are after stand alone prints - but it is good to show other colours or matching prints if you have them.

  7. Where can I save my prints and other materials?

    We have created a Google Drive folder and sent to every attendees so that they can upload their materials. Please check your email. If you haven't received the link, please send us a message.

  8. Where can I get my QR code?

    Each of designers have their own QR code, which is on their profile page. You can download your QR code and add it at the bottom right of your prints, postcards, fabric panel,...

  9. Must the prints be made in CMYK only? Can I make them in RGB?

    Yes, you can make your designs in RGB or CMYK.

  10. Designers doing Art Licensing can add up to 6 co-ordinates to one sheet. Do we need to add design names to every design on the sheet?

    Yes, we recommend you to add all design names at the bottom right of each design.

  11. Can designers add one pattern with different color ways to separate prints?

    We would not advise designers to use different prints to show different color ways. If designers would like to add many color ways, they can add a strip (see attached image below).

  12. Can designers have the hero as 3/4s of the sheet and coordinate across the bottom?

    Yes, there is plenty of space for that, and we will also have full images on the digital show for buyers to look at even more prints per collection.

  13. Do designers create the pdf/png ready for print so that they are in control of the intended scale of the design?

    Yes, each designer will submit finished artwork which is printed at 100% - Patternfield does not curate any designs or decide on pricing or sale/licensing terms. Designers are in complete control and can submit all the information through their Patternfield account.

  14. Can designers have more than one design on each of the 24 A2 poster sheets?

    Absolutely. All designers who sign up will be able to jump on a series of informative sessions run by Nerida Hansen to prepare them for the show. Nerida will help designers with some tips on how to showcase collections which is important for the Art Licensing Booth

  15. Will the sheets have the artists own branding or Patternfield’s?

    The artist's branding will be there but there will be a Patternfield code so the art can be scanned and paid for through the App during the show. By doing this way, you get paid immediately, or sent an offer or term outline to negotiate immediately with the buyer.

  16. Do designers need to add one listing that is published on Patternfield to each of their prints?

    It is not necessary to add at least one listing that is available on Patternfield on a poster. Designers can include listings that aren't on Patternfield, too.

  17. Should designers add the brand name or their own name to A2 prints?

    If designers have their own brand name, we suggest adding both of them on posters, [designer's name] - [brand name]. It will be easier for buyers to look for your patterns and business on the Internet.

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