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What is the difference between "Atelier" and "Art Licensing"? Why am I advised to choose both?
What is the difference between "Atelier" and "Art Licensing"? Why am I advised to choose both?

This article explains the meanings of "Atelier" and "Art Licensing" and why do you say it is highly recommended to do both?

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The two booths attract very different buyers.

  • The Atelier is a section of Surtex where buyers know they can purchase outright. There are many studios and artists who only work this way, and it attracts as many buyers as Art Licensing.

  • The Art Licensing is set up for those buyers who want to view works and collections that are available for licensing. In our experience, many of the buyers are looking for both experienced and emerging designers who can showcase unique work.

Generally, you would show one-off patterns in the Atelier as the buyers are after one-off designs for fashion, kids products, lifestyle products etc.

You would then offer curated collections in the Art Licensing area, because that attracts many fabric, stationery and homeware buyers who build collections around artists.

Why do both?

SURTEX attracts all buyers. If you have work to sell outright it is an extra opportunity and most buyers are willing to pay between $600 USD and $1200 USD per pattern or illustration, so you can easily get a good return on your investment.

We know most artists prefer to get lucrative licensing deals. But there is a lot of well-paid work to be had in selling your art outright. Which is why Nerida advises that both strategies are wise.

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