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How do I contact designer to ask about the design on PatternField?

Once you are a verified buyer, you can contact any designer on Patternfield.

You can send them a message on their profile page.

If you would like to contact them about a specific design, you can go to that design page and click "Contact designer" or "Contact" under "About the designer".

Here, buyers can send designers a direct message which they will receive in their Patternfield inbox. This is where buyers can negotiate the price and terms of artwork they are interested in.

How can I see the designer’s new message?

You can find all messages in your inbox page on Patternfield. Look for the Inbox on the header or in the burger menu if you are using your phone.

You can see all message you have sent in your inbox

Since our chat system is not real time, please make sure to refresh your inbox to see the latest messages.

You will also receive an email when the designer replies to you, but you need to verify your email address in order to receive such email.

Can I reply the designer via email?

No, you can’t. You can only send messages to the designer directly on Patterfield website.

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