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How to deal with Colourways to a specific pattern?
How to deal with Colourways to a specific pattern?
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On the new platform, I can upload related images, such as mockups, a variety of scale images of the design etc.

If I wish to offer the design in more than one colourway, would it be suggested to upload it as a separate design e.g. ‘blue hats’, and ‘red hats’ designs, or I just have ‘blue hats’ as a design and put ‘red hats’ as one of the associated images?


Colour is the key driver to making the decision of whether to buy or license, beyond the pattern itself.

Because the colour is what evokes the mood, portrays the latest trends (of which colour is the principal element when it comes to trend) or sets it apart in terms of uniqueness.

So Colour and the story around the colour should be shown as a separate product.

The best solution is when adding designs as a separate listing, user should also add variant colours to the related prints too.

If users are disappointed by the colour they will be thrilled to find it comes in other colours - or they can contact the designer about a custom colour.

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