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How do I start a subscription as a designer?

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Current designers or designers on free trial can upgrade their subscription by going to the "Subscription" tab on the account settings page.

"Subscription" is the place where you can manage your subscription. You can change or cancel your subscription here. Click "Upgrade subscription package" to choose a subscription plan that is suitable for you.

You will landing on this page that includes all benefits and prices of each plan. After deciding which subscription plan you want to pay, click "Subscribe now" at the bottom of that plan to continue.

Then, you will land on the next page to input your bank account details to pay for a subscription.

Make sure to double check the input details before hitting the "Subscribe" button.

Once you are done, a pop-up appears to confirm that they payment was proceeded successfully. You can go back to your subscription to check again.

You can check the expiry date, next billing date and other details of your subscription here. You can also change plan or unsubscribe to the current subscription. The new change will be activated once the current subscription ends.


  • With new signed-up designers: After choosing a subscription plan, they will have 14 days to experience the services. During this period, if the designers do not want to continue, they can click the unsubscribe button, and they will not be charged for the subscription. After 14 days, if they do not unsubscribe, they will be charged for the chosen subscription package, and they will not receive the refund.

  • Once you purchased a new subscription, it will be set to auto-renew. If you wish to cancel the subscription, simply click the "Unsubscribe" button. The next billing cycle will then be halted once the current one ends.

Check this article to read the full information of Patternfield's new subscription plans!

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